Writing is Important

Jefferson Community & Technical College


Why is writing important? 

The National Commission on Writing for America's Families, Schools, and Colleges has concluded that "the ability to write well has never been more important" (4). 

Imagine a job interview, where between you and a high-paying job is a blank piece of college-ruled paper and a number two pencil, or a blank computer screen awaiting your essay. It can happen. It is happening more and more. 

One-third of professional employees have to write as part of their job, and more that 75% of state-government workers must write every day (NCW 5). Unfortunately, many people aren't qualified for jobs that require writing. Community business leaders routinely cite the lack of communication skills as the number one problem that potential employees demonstrate. According to Public Agenda Online, 73% of employers find that job applicants lack basic grammar and spelling skills and the ability to write clearly. To be successful in high-dollar jobs such as business and professional occupations, you may be expected to write and to write well after you leave college.

This site was created to help prepare students to meet their current and future writing challenges.

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